By Danny Wright

8th Nov, 2023 | 2:28pm

Moussa Diaby shares what Aston Villa need to qualify for Champions League

By Farah Ben Gamra

Aston Villa winger Moussa Diaby has addressed the team’s hopes for making it into the Champions League competition and their struggles when playing away from home

The Frenchman admitted that although the club has big dreams, they must take care of their away form before anything else can be achieved. 

Under Unai Emery’s leadership this season, things have been a bit rocky for them whenever they leave Birmingham, winning only twice out of six tries, with half those matches resulting in losses.

In striking contrast, they’ve been nearly impeccable at home, with a perfect record. But their unbeaten streak in the league since early September took a hit after a 2-0 loss to Nottingham Forest at the weekend in the East Midlands.

Diaby said, as quoted by the Birmingham Mail on 7 November: “If we want to play for the Champions League, we have to be able to win any game, home or away. But we can’t think about the Champions League just now. We have to go step by step and work hard in training to build the team.

“Our problem is we’ve yet to show that form away from home, so we must continue to work and improve our game plan.”

How the road to the Champions League looks for Aston Villa

This fresh assessment of Aston Villa’s state from Diaby shows us the realism and aspiration that the team needs. Having dreams of competing in the Champions League is commendable, but Diaby knows it needs a sturdy base first, with their away form being an essential factor they have to face up to.

Villa’s issues on foreign soil clash against their dominating performances at home. This inconsistency could compromise growth. This recognition by Diaby about these obstacles as well as evolving outside tactics gives off mature vibes. It’s necessary for them to take things slowly and concentrate on steady progress; upcoming house fixtures will represent chances to secure important points, plus there are calls from him advocating support from fans, illustrating how vital unity is.

This honesty, combined with devotion towards efforts, suggests an optimistic future regarding Village’s ventures. It definitely looks like they are going down the right path, bridging any difference between ambition and reality.

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