By Villa News Speaking to Ty Bracey

14th Oct, 2023 | 8:10am

Aston Villa 'startled' by 'intimidating' European fixtures, could dent Conference League hopes

We’re delighted to welcome Aston Villa podcaster Ty Bracey as our exclusive Aston Villa columnist each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at the club…

Aston Villa not winning the Europa Conference League would not be a failure as there are no easy fixtures, according to Ty Bracey.

An early exit from the Carabao Cup saw Villa’s chances of winning silverware diminished, while their inconsistent start to Europe has left many reevaluating the club’s likelihood of going all the way.

A Premier League title appears out of Villa’s reach and it is rare for a non-top-six club to win the FA Cup, so European success seems like the club’s best route to a trophy. However, while Unai Emery’s side are certainly contenders to win, they aren’t favourites, especially after the Europa League clubs drop into the knockout stages.

Bracey claims that while Villa should be pushing to go all the way, the “intimidating” atmosphere of European stadiums could prove a challenge to the squad, most of whom have never played outside of domestic tournaments.

Speaking exclusively to Villa News, Bracey said: “It’s not easy to win a trophy. Obviously, we’re out of the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup is not easy either. There’s a lot of magic in the FA Cup and I’d love to see us have a good run, but the Europa Conference League is no pushover.

“We saw that when we lost to Legia Warszawa. To go into a stadium anywhere in Europe, it’s intimidating. They’re no easy fixtures and that startled the players.

“I’m keen for us to win a trophy but it’s not dead set. We should be pushing for it. It’s important that we push for a trophy but it’s not the end of the world if we don’t.”

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