By Dan Plumley

13th Apr, 2023 | 7:10pm

Aston Villa news: NSWE could benefit club after MLS investment twist - Finance Expert

We’re delighted to welcome football finance expert Dr Daniel Plumley as our exclusive columnist, he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Aston Villa.

Dan Plumley has insisted that Aston Villa could reap the benefits as V Sports could look to buy into the MLS in the near future, at a cost of $1billion (£799million).

The finance expert admitted that despite the cost, it comes with less risk with no risk of promotion and relegation with long-term reward available.

V Sports have already bought into Vitoria Guimaraes with Las Vegas another area of interest as they plot a new smart strategy around their lettering.

“It’s a considerable investment,” he exclusively told Villa News.

“If you look at American sports in particular, and the MLS is nowhere near on the level of the big four there yet but it is growing.

“If you look at the finances and how those leagues work, it offers you predictable recurring revenues, it is less risk as there is no promotion or relegation, the franchises are there to make money for the owners, and the opportunity to grow the brand in America, somewhere like Vegas is clear to see.

“When you start to stack up the longer-term position, there is a growing and lucrative market there to hit, the entry cost is high, but if you are prepared to take the risk by putting a franchise into that space, there is some long-term reward if you can tie to strategy together.

“So if they are going down that route, it shows they are in a strong position and it could benefit Aston Villa as well.”

This is certainly something to watch in the future.

With the American market growing every day and already being huge, the benefits could certainly start to work through the chain towards the feet of Aston Villa.

Fingers crossed, anyway.

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