By Dan Plumley

5th Feb, 2023 | 12:30pm

Finance Expert: Aston Villa will not be concerned by potential ban on betting sponsors after BK8 deal

We’re delighted to welcome football finance expert Dr Daniel Plumley as our exclusive columnist, he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Aston Villa

Dan Plumley believes that Aston Villa will not be concerned about keeping their controversial sponsorship deal with BK8 despite calls for it to be scrapped.

The Finance Expert believes the potential ban on betting sponsors will not see Villa offer to shut it down themselves, as most other clubs in the Premier League are doing the same.

Cutting ties with their lucrative sponsor would potentially see them lose out financially to those around them, at a time when they are pushing for European football in years to come.

“I don’t think the club will be overly concerned because everybody is doing it, or at least 10 other clubs that are doing it,” he exclusively told Villa News.

“The negative PR that comes with that, I understand, and that’s on a club-by-club basis, they are in the mix with a bunch of other clubs. That comes back to the competition aspect, if Aston Villa takes the moral high ground and steps away voluntarily, they’re going to lose out financially and that then hurts them against their rivals and on the pitch – it’s a really tricky balance.

“They won’t offer to shut it down voluntarily in my opinion, and the only way you look to do that is they force it through and the government intervenes and puts a ban on it, which has been spoken about for years but has not yet happened, so whenever that is the case, the clubs will just carry on.

“A lot of these are short-term deals, so they’ve got that backstop there if there is a ban on it, they can then shift pretty quickly, but whenever there is not a ban, they will just continue.”

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